IOS Services Geoscientifiques: Unmatched Expertise In Quebec's Geological Exploration

Top 10 Canada Mining Service Companies 2022

Mining operations have significantly changed over the years, and further improvements are afoot as technology advances are adopted globally. With approaches to environmental impact, safety, and efficiency changing, it is anticipated that ongoing digital mine innovation will revolutionize the essential elements of mining.

The global mining market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.7 percent from 2020 to 2027. Driving this growth is trends like ‘urban mining’ that help mining companies recycle rare metals from waste to reduce extractive mining, to meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) obligations.

To put the spotlight on many other key developments in the industry, Metals and mining Review illustrates how organizations are promoting sustainable mining practices in Canada. The edition features articles on sustainable mining from Paulo Novaes, Industrial Operations Director at Aperam, John Heerema, Regional Sales Representative at Gerdau, and Dorothea “Thea” Soule, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecobat. They bring forward innovative technological solutions that aim to reduce the carbon footprint of mining companies, paving the way for a sustainable mining future.

In this edition of Metals and mining Review, we also bring to you the story of some of the top mining solution providers in Canada. In that list, IOS Services Géoscientifiques is a firm of geological consultants and mineral exploration contractors. This list also comprises Corem, a non-profit center of expertise and innovation that offers mining companies specialized services and R&D expertise to optimize key mineral processes. Equally commendable are the stories of GeoSpark Consulting, which leverages easy-to-use and readily affordable database software and services for all levels of mineral exploration and mining; Sedgman Pty Limited, a leading provider of integrated minerals processing solutions; and Voxel Farm, which allows mining companies to leverage the vast storage and compute capabilities of various cloud providers via its ‘Spatial Platform as a Service’ model.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the mining industry. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Canada Mining Service Companies

  • IOS Services Géoscientifiques inc. is a multidisciplinary reference company in the mining industry that provides the largest firm of geologists, a highly efficient project logistics service, and an innovative geoscience laboratory under one roof using a unique technology that quantifies minerals

  • Corem is a center of expertise and innovation in mineral processing with the largest concentration of resources dedicated to research and development in this field in Canada. Corem has extensive equipment and infrastructure to conduct ore characterization, process development, optimization, and pilot testing in mineral separation and hydrometallurgy

  • GoldMinds Geoservices is a consulting firm specializing in mineral resource estimation services. In addition, it offers technical reports, drilling program management, geological exploration, and geotechnical studies to mining companies by leveraging the extensive industry expertise and mineral resource estimation knowledge of its qualified team.

  • GeoSpark Consulting, a geological consultancy and software company, delivers cost-efficient and intuitive database management for exploration and mining companies with its all-in-one software, GeoSpark Core. Formed by partners Caroline Vallat and Will Vallat, it combines their years of geoscience and engineering expertise to streamline data collection and management processes.

  • Priscu and Associates Consulting Engineers is a leading provider of integrated engineering, environmental and sustainability advisory services in the Civil and Mining industries. The company excels in specialized consultancy throughout the lifecycle of the mining projects, from opportunity studies to post-closure

  • Sedgman is the leading provider of integrated minerals processing solutions. Sedgman’s focus on innovation is apparent through its annual Meakin Technical Innovation Award. The Meakin Technical Innovation Award recognizes outstanding work to advance the technical knowledge that keeps Sedgman at the forefront of Mining sector

  • Voxel Farm processes, stores and visualizes virtually unlimited spatial datasets to help miners improve their operations

  • BBA


    For almost 40 years, BBA has provided a comprehensive variety of consulting engineering services. A comprehensive strategy that includes business employees, uses technology, and adapts to existing processes can aid in consolidating business goals into practical, agile, and high-performance plans



    With over 35 years of experience, DMC Mining Services is a renowned provider of mine contracting services globally, with a reputation for innovation, adaptability, and uncompromising safety. DMC can go wherever to suit the needs of its clients. Their experience is global

  • Mining Plus

    Mining Plus

    Mining Plus is the premier provider of mining technical services, including specialists in geology, mining engineering (surface and underground), geotechnical engineering, mine ventilation, and operational management. Its key competencies are geology, mining engineering, and geotechnical engineering, span a wide variety of mineral commodities and project types and are supplemented by strategic collaborations in other core disciplines